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January 26, 2013
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Playstation Rivalry 1 updated by firenamedBob Playstation Rivalry 1 updated by firenamedBob
i've been thinking of a good match up for these two because of their powers and attacks

Abe's rivalry cutscene:

Abe: *walking* well. can't say that i've done that bad. i'd say i've done pretty good. hm? *see's jade* huh? is that..another oddworld invader?..what she looking at?...

Jade: *looking at her camera* hmm...i wonder whats new on IRIS....*then noticed that she's being watched* eh...would you stop looking over my shoulder you pervert!!

Abe: hey hey hey! i did do nothing i'm not here for underwear! (if i could know what they are) i'm just about to ask what's on the album of yours.

Jade: it's actually a transmitter. but yeah i do take photos. speaking of which, what kind of creature are you?.

Abe: I'm a Mudokon. but are you an invader who'll take oddworld?

Jade: are YOU?

Abe: .........tell you what. whoever stands, is not an invader!

Jade: fine by me. Lets go!

Jade's rivalry cutscene:

Jade: these guys i was facing, Pay'j. they feel like i'm the thing they can't beat.

Pay'j: Wow! your Yoga's possibly working out real fast Lil Darlin. Great work!

Jade: thanks. also. i've no clue what the next enemy will be but i'm more ready than anyone else is.

*Abe slowly peeps up her shoulder*

Pay'j: thats great to he-.....

Jade: ..what?.. whats wring Pay'j?.

Pay'j: ...uhhh...theres an alien on your shoulder Jade..

Jade: a what? *looks at her shoulder and saw Abe* GAH!!! Get off me!!! your not gonna molest me are you?!

Abe: HEY HEY Calm Down Lady I'm not gonna.....wait what?!

Jade: huh?!..your gonna molest me?

Abe: No! i'm only looking for invaders. have you seen any? or are you one of them?

Jade: invaders are only aliens in different species.

Abe: ..........:s

Jade: which means "No".

Abe: well you kinda look like the person imma take out before the big headed guy.

Jade: coincidence. i'm after him as well. but only one of us will go on.

Abe: and naturally it's me.

Jade: yeah? we'll see.

(and yes my username is on the red bit cuz i got the game)
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Stormtali Jan 31, 2013  Professional General Artist
Man Now I have to try this to get what i want to see happen... well everyone to see happen not just me
Stormtali Apr 27, 2013  Professional General Artist
Epic now this is nice work
DeathLightning21 Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
How did you make this?
using the prt sc key
DeathLightning21 Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
But how did you put the character's pic. in without covering anything or messing something up?
i used paint by copying, cutting, pasting and placing them just right
DeathLightning21 Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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